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michelle williams

She looks gorgeous.  Seriously. I love the dress.  Obviously, I don’t have the figure, the waif-like face or the hair to pull this off. But she looks gorgeous.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

One thought on “michelle williams

  1. She is radiant. Her gorgeous soul just shines through those eyes of hers. She said she wants to be like water~run through fingers, yet hold up a ship. She has such a way of percieving Life. She takes my breath away. She is humble. And I only pray she can somehow overcome the emptiness she has left in her Life, now that HEATH has left us all. WE all have holes in our hearts. But I cannot even imagine how this poor woman can even get out of bed. She has lost the Love of her life. SHe DESERVES time to grieve and heal. God Bless~Michele&Matilda ~~~RIP HeathBaby!!!


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