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red dress

I have this vintage red dress that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. And before you read on, yes. This isn’t a deep thought provoking post on my feelings or where I am going. Its simply a post on what am I going to do with this dress while the CD “stockings by the fire” that I bought from Starbucks is playing in the background (I’m a sucker for christmas songs even when its not christmas).

Anyway, I bought this dress from ebay way back when I was on my ebay-kick. Its a lovely dress. Well preserved. Maybe a tiny spot on the back which you can’t even see unless you have like super bright lights or something designed to look for each and every flaw (which I do not possess because well, I have enough flaws and pointing them out doesn’t help!). Anyway, the model had white go-go boots and really nice long legs when she modeled this dress. The problems is that a) i have no go-go boots b) my legs are ugly, short and stumpy. And I’m not going to a 70s costume party anytime soon. I want to incorporate this into my daily wardrobe somehow. The question is how?  I also have a feeling that when I go back to the hospital, I’m going to go back to wearing my usual boring uniform of slacks and a button down shirt (ok, fine, button down shirts uniform normally only last for like the 3 or 4 days after I return from Singapore where my mom has dutifully ironed everything  (she irons everything including underwear!) but after I’ve done my laundry, I don’t wear button down shirts anymore because I _can_not_iron) or nice sweater or plain t-shirt that under not-so-close inspection can be passed off as looking professional (esp in the hot hot summers of Chicago!)

Anyway, I want to keep this dress. Its so red and so who I wanted to be when I was a kid (except I was fat and short and only wore jeans with t-shirt when I wasn’t in my school blue uniform). Help?



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4 thoughts on “red dress

  1. Woohoo! Love the dress and I have a couple of ideas for you. First, get a good seamstress and shorten the sleeves to either just above the elbow, or to cap sleeve length (not in between!). I think with a more modern sleeve, you won’t feel like you’re putting on a cast-off from Jan Brady’s closet, but rather a piece you’ve made your own!

    Second, I’d suggest pairing it with a really bold pair of modern-styled footwear. No patent-leather maryjanes, no Converse, no white shoes (as you’ve noted!). Go for a stylish vibrant purple strappy sandal, or a low wedge in a pattern. If you’ve shortened the sleeves, you’ll end up looking really awesome!

    Also, because of the zipper and piping around the bust-line, I’d steer clear of any belts or scarves or such. Let this awesome dress make it’s own statement. Good luck! -the DCGF


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