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Leg Warmers

Last Friday, I made a trip down south, Fall Church, VA, to be exact for a concert.  Gawd. Its been years since I went to an actual concert. Except I don’t think I have ever dressed up for a concert but LJ went shopping for an 80’s outfit specifically for the concert. Not to be outdone, I went through the bag meant for Goodwill and finally found an outfit that would have made my pre-teen self proud (I never had that much fashion sense then so I guess I’m trying to make up for it now!)  That said, it was a lot of fun. All the songs from the 80’s were played.  And its always fun when the musicians are having fun too.  And the outfits.  OMG. People came fully dressed in the 80s.  It was like throwing a super-duper large 80s party (which in fact it was).  Dang.  It was impressive.  I wore white patent pants with a ‘rambo’ wig (halloween wig!) in case you are wondering.  And there were people literally in legwarmers (it was sorta cold that night). And rubberbands around their jeans.  Yes. I kid you not.


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