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bad girl

I have been a very bad girl this week.  In the span of a week, I think I have spent … well, a lot of money on clothes. Granted a lot of them are going back to the stores, but still….and in case you are thinking, oh she is one of those people. Let me defend myself. I buy a lot of stuff online. But with all these different sizes from different designers/stores etc, and add to the fact that I really am not very good at estimating how large I really am, it can get difficult. And then even when I do go to a store to buy the clothes, well, long lines at the changing room, lighting that apparently ‘hide my flaws’ but which are later revealed when I try them on in the safe confines of my home. And yes, years of being a medical student means that I have developed a thick enough hide that I don’t care even if I return with 80% of my previous purchase!

Still….I spent a lot of money this week. I have a feeling that I will be returning items based more on buyer’s remorse than anything else. *guilt*



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