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Shoe addicts annonymous

I recently completed reading a chick-lit instead of doing more important and pressing things like finding someone to write me a referal letter for residency, completing my MSPE questionnaire or start studying for the boards. Sorry! But I was in a mood, a weird kind of mood where you are agitated, bored, etc but too wired up to do anything useful. Anyway, I picked up the Shoe Addicts Anonymous in the BN on the row.  I liked it from the title since I thought it was going to be all about shoes. The other fun thing about the book is that it is based in Bethesda (my temporary residence) and the surrounding DC metro area.

Anyway, its basically about a group of women, all with their own problems, who meet on a Tues night to swap size 7.5 designer shoes.  The leader (or rather person who started the group on Greg’s List–> heh!) is working 2-3 waitressing jobs, has credit card debt and other assorted debt up the wazoo. Basically the bank manager has to call her about overdrawn accounts (although it turns out he may have had an ulterior motive), electric companies are pissed at her because she doesn’t pay her bills, etc and she still owns several pairs of designer shoes (most of which I had to google and which, even if they are bought on sale or used, still cost more than my brand new pair of designer-knockoffs which were also bought on sale). Another is a (possibly) overweight woman who is agoraphobic on Weight Watchers, is a sex telephone operator (apparently you make a lot of money just to talk and not all the guys who call want phone sex either…they just want to talk!) and has sibling issues and buys shoes because according to her, it doesn’t matter how fat you get, your shoe size remains the same! The third is the wife of a politician,an ass of a husband who cheats on her and blackmails her as well but still wants her to get pregnant so they look like the ‘perfect american family’. The fourth is a girl from West Virginia who isn’t a size 7.5 but pretends to be so that she can join the group and get out of the house where she is the nanny so that her bully of a boss can’t get a hold of her, doesn’t understand the draw that these women have to Louboutain and gawd knows what else but will go armed with a list of designers to Goodwill to find (hopefully) decent looking designer shoes that were donated so that she can attend these meetings.  Somehow, they all manage to sort out their problems.

Anyway, its a fun read.  I wonder if a) i can start a shoe addicts anonymous too b) i should consider doing the phone operator thing to earn some much needed cash.

On second thoughts, probably not. I just don’t think I have that kind of mental stability!



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