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Iron Man

I hate to say this, but there are some movies that simply need to be seen at the movie theatre, despite the high costs of a ticket these days, and Iron Man is one of them.  It was your classic blockbuster movie filled with explosives, hot men and women where the good guy always wins.   Going to the movies is always a treat for me mainly because I don’t like going to the movies alone and to find someone who wants to go at the same time to the same movie can be difficult.  Anyway, Iron Man was fun.  Robert Downey Jr was good.  I’ve always liked him as an actor, especially when he appeared in the smaller budget films, where I thought he truly shined. And I always thought it was a shame that he got into all that trouble. But I guess he’s a great example of one guy who did his time, and was able to get back on his feet (Lohan, Hilton all don’t count.  They were hardly punished. If anything, it was a bit of a media circus designed to get them even more attention!).  And Gwyneth Paltrow was so cute (even though I really didn’t think she exerted too much of an acting effort there) but I did enjoy the chemistry between the two leads and I thought it was nice that they gave her some (not much but some) sort of backbone, at least enough to answer her boss back! But dang! Those heels! They looked at lesat 4 inches high and she ran in them. How she managed to do that without breaking her ankles is totally beyond me.  But the movie had some great lines.  Really liked the way he treated his robots like human.  Overall, a good movie. Laughed harder than I thought I would. And I think its great that the movie really doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Really looking forward to the Incredible Hulk and Dark Knight AND Indiana Jones.  Woo-hoO!



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