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Europe in 1 day

The European embassies had an open house yesterday so I thought I would check it out.  Unfortunately the day was hot (talk about a summer day!) and the lines were long so I didn’t really go to all the embassies but I did hit up the Latvian embassy (had to do it for the Russian Princess), the Italian embassy, the Netherlands and the Luxumberg embassy.  Its too bad I missed the Greek embassy though, I kept hearing on the bus how good the food was! 

I was a little disappointed with the Italian embassy.  It was a new building, modern architecture.  But I guess the reason why I’ve always been so enarmored of the houses on Embassy row is because they are all have history. Yes, the building looked cool, and the inside of it looked like a modern theatre.  And the walls were hung with original italian paintings but somehow the atmosphere was … well, cold I guess.  Italian embassy  I did however enjoy the Roman column heads (I don’t really know what they are called but I’m guessing)

I did however learn some fairly interesting facts about the Netherlands.  For example, gay couples can just walk into their town hall to get married! How cool right? 



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