working from home

I decided to take a break from the office and work from home today. Working from home gives me the added advantage of being able to start (and even complete!) some house chores that I did not finish (or start) over the weekend (mainly because I was too busy erm, lazing around).  I actually completed my laundry today. Unfortunately, I’m still workingo n my paper. Sigh.  It feels like the paper will never be completed.  I’m still stuck on the first paragraph.  ARGH.  But I guess this beats being in the office. Except now I really have to finish it by tonight!  sigh. A 9 to 5 day is not an option.  Nobody cares when you start (or end) as long as its done.  Won’t it be cool if I was disciplined enough to finish this early so I can have an early day?  Too bad I suck at writing. *pout*  But I guess this beats having to walk in the rain back and forth from the shuttle stop.


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