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quick update

Wow. I was away for about a week, ok, less than that. But it feels like I’ve been gone for a much much longer time.  But the away time was good even though it was technically supposed to be for work. I think a ‘working vacation’ would be a more appropriate term for it. Who knew large conferences could be so much fun? The last time I went to a large scientific conference, I was still an undergrad pretending to be a graduate who went to a conference even though she had nothing, and I mean, nothing to present but really just wanted the chance to go to a conference and pretend to be a grown up. I was so overwhelmed it wasn’t even funny.

This time round, I had to present.  An oral presentation.  Quite a jump, yes? But on the first day, I almost went home early to cry because the same feeling of being super overwhelmed came over me. Thank goodness my supervisor called me right before I left.  I pretty much tagged along with her the first day.  It was so good having someone who knows what to do, and what to expect, mentoring and guiding you through your first time.  It was awesome.  And then the rest of the time I had a lot of engagements and so wasn’t able to go to as many poster presentations as I would have liked, but it was a good time nonetheless.  I really hope that no one asks me what I learned though, because to be very honest, I learned very little! I spent a lot of time in the press room and when I wasn’t in the press room, I was at the beach!

And then Princess K came to visit!  yay!  It was awesome 🙂  I missed her so much. And she’s going to be a doctor! In San Francisco!  We went to the Kennedy Center to watch her sister’s production, the Rose and the Rime.  It was a very … unique theatrical experience.  heh. I definitely had a lot of fun. The enxt day, we went to Georgetown. Dang.  Next time I’m going to be in a place with a lot of cobblestones, I really need to not wear my heels.  I literally destroyed my favorite pair of green kitten heels.  Me sad about that. But I would never have given up that day for the world!




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