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the power of advertising

Has anyone seen that super-sweet GE commercial where this female doc (go doc!) goes to China, captures the heart of a (I’m assuming) simple rural boy’s heart and in his pursuit of her, topples so many stalls and gets himself hurt in the process and end up in her clinic only to realise the woman of his dreams is standing right in front of him?

It made me want to go out and buy GE. No, not GE medical equipment mainly because they make stuff like MRI machines that cost …oh I don’t know a gazillion dollars but I really wanted to buy their stocks because of it. And then I remembered that I am doing research. And I remember all those statement of conflict of interests that they make you sign everytime you submit a paper or abstract. Not that I anticipate being able to submit any papers in the near future but it just seems easier not to own any shares that may possibly present any conflict of interest either now or in the future.

That said, I do think it is a testament to the weakness of my nature.  I am very very easily persuaded and swayed by good advertising.  I have to stay away from shopping sites. I think my bank account demands that I do.



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