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honk honk!

Spring must be here. And I think Spring is here to stay.  How do I know that? After all, its still about 40degrees farenheit outside.  Cold blasts of wintry wind make their presence known every single morning.

The honk of the geese every single morning.  That’s right.  Honk honk. 

The geese are back from the winter vacation in sunny Florida or wherever it is that they go every winter.  And man, do they like to party.  They fly low, they fly high, but man, do they like flying.  They like chasing each other over buildings and around them as well.  Its a good thing their sport doesn’t involve chasing humans. 

And they also like waddling.  Or rather swaddling  They swaddle down the street on the sidewalk and on the roads causing cars to brake suddenly.  These swarm of geese are simply fearless. 

And their poop.  Its green, hard (at least it looks hard) and small.  Its everywhere.  The grass is maybe like 2 feet away.  Can they wait and do their business on the grass where the decomposed poop would be useful to the flowering trees nearby?  Nope.  If they have to go, they have to go.  Its a good thing it doesn’t smell.  But then again, I have very limited sense of smell (years of clorox-smelling hallways in the hospitals have damaged my olfactory receptors).

Honk! Honk!  Yep. They are back. And so is Spring.



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