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no where to go

So my friend from the lab had to leave her current place of accomodation due to safety issues.  Luckily her new landlord accomodated the change in circumstance and will let her move in tomorrow.  My supervisor offered to let her stay with her tonight.

All of this reminds me of the time when I was in my 4th year of college when I had a really mean mean roommate who made me cry almost everyday.  She had an extremely overwhelming personality, was a ‘light’ sleeper but yet agreed to stay in an apartment that was technically a 2bedrm apartment housing a third person who would stay in the dinning room with only bookshelves to delineate her (aka my) room from the living room.  Btw, I moved in even before she decided to move there.  In addition, she needed to go to bed by 10pm because she had to go to work at 7am.  Which meant that I could not brush my teeth after 10pm because the bathroom was next to her room and the sonud of the water woke her up.  She complained that when I walked across the hardwood floors, I stamped across the floorboards on purpose. Erm, excuse me but YOU expect ME to tip toe across the floor AND put my shoes OUTSIDE of the apartment because it wakes YOUR lazy arse up?  In the beginning, I went out of my way to be accomodating.  But after one too many demands, I gave up and went into bitch mode.  Even then, I still depended on the charity of my friend who fortunately had taken a new job requiring her to be out of town on a fairly regular basis and she needed a babysitter for her babies (aka pets).

Anyway. It still sucked not being able to go back to my OWN home.  Also the reason why I offered to let her stay at my place even though I have an extremely small room.  I ended up crashing on the couch in the student lounge for the night.

At the same time, I’m having a bit of an anxiety about my return to Chicago.  I think I may have found some roommates.  Although I really didn’t want to go back to staying in a walk-up, the girls sound nice, and not too particularly crazy.  And so even though I have a good feeling about them, I can’t help but feel … a little anxious.



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