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preparing to move on

My sabbatical year is almost coming to an end and soon I have to move back to Chicago, face up to reality and try my darnest to graduate.  One would think that with all the moving that I have done throughout the years, I would be a seasoned mover who will be able to pack up her belongings at a moment’s notice and find great deals on apartments with the blink of an eye.

alas!  I possess no such skill.  Granted, I have about 4 more months to find a place to live.  I even met with a potential roommate last night.  She seems pretty nice.  She’s an undergraduate.  She needs to discuss me with the rest of the other girls.  I’m probably going to be the only ‘adult’ in the apartment.  I need to get credit checked (yikes!).  The rent is pretty decent. Question is: should I commit now?  This early on in the game?  Afterall, I’ll be doing a sub-i the day I return.  Can I afford the stress of not having someplace to live??



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