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My first Hockey game!!!

A good friend of mine came back to town this past weekend so I arranged to meet up with him for breakfast on Sun, right before the Capitals game (for those not in the know, they are a national hockey league team).  He was also the one who introduced both LJ and me so I figured I’ll ask him along too.  It was really nice.  It felt like old times.  Except his gf wasn’t around (she has been sick since their trip to New Zealand…actually, they cut short their trip from NZ because she felt sick).

Anyway, after brunch, we went to the Verizon Center for the game.  It was really exciting!  My first LIVE hockey game.  It was fun!  The roaring, the chanting…and you can actually see the PUCK!  I mean, I can never see the puck whenever I watch the game on TV, so it was awesome!  The refs during that game sucked though.  They were totally unfair.  But the game went into over-time and then there was a shoot-out (ok, so that may not be the right term) but the Caps won against the Bruins 2-1.  I definitely had a lot of fun 🙂


Collected my new glasses today.  The prescription of the glasses should be the same as my old ones especially since I got my old ones only 3 months ago.  But for some reason, wearing these new ones gave me a headache.  I don’t know if its because the lens are slightly different or maybe…I don’t know.  I paid extra for these because I really wanted transition lenses.  But now it seems I may not wear them as much as I anticipated because they are slightly uncomfortable.  They actually feel even more flimsy than my old glasses even though they cost more!  argh.  The price of healthcare in America.  Really wish I had thought of getting better glasses when I was in Singapore 😦  oh well.




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