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“I shamrocked until my shamrock was sore”


That is officially LJ’s away msg on IM.  heh.

Went to Shamrock fest yesterday.  It was an awesome time.  It was like SpringFair ALL over again, except much much bigger (it did, after all, take place at the RFK stadium!).  The highlight of the day was green beer.  Unfortunately, there was only limited amounts and since we got there late, it didn’t seem possible that we would find any… but through sheer luck (Irish of course!), we got GREEN BEER!  yay!  oh! And one of the girls ‘proposed’ to me.  I really really wanted her green Corona ring but didn’t win one so she gave it to me. *blush* I guess every girl should get proposed to at least once and well, I did!  haha.


But the funniest part of the day came when LJ decided he really really needed to pee.  He was going to go find a tree and do it.  But he tried to look cool and suave while doing it but it was sooo funny because we were all standing there going like, OMG. There goes the undercover agent…blah blah blah (disclaimer: he isn’t an undercover agent! *roll eyes* Just a part of the Intelligence Community) but he kept running into cops, people, etc.  heh.  It took a while. I’m surprised he didn’t ahem, pee in his pants!!!  haha.  He did not go to the bathroom (disgusting as it is) the ENTIRE day (and he had like 4 beers!!!).  I swear, people had bought VIP tickets which gives you free flow of alcohol but honey, if you still gotta use the portable potties like the rest of us mere mortals, its not exactly VIP!  haha.  and darling, with that much alcohol flowing through your body, you know you are going to have to use the potty.  And even though there were a lot of them there, the lines were long.  Like really really long. Almost like the moment you get out, you gotta line up again because by the time its your turn, you are going to need to GO. 

I don’t think we listenedto much of the music.  Too much drunken debauchery going on.  And those rides were crazy.  Except I know from personal experience that fair people take only 1 night to put those things together and well, let’s just say I’m afraid that any loose screws and I might really have to use my disability insurance.  Much as I hate paying money for something I’m not giong to use…disability insurance is something I would be grateful if I never have to use it.  I’ll fork out the cash for it. But I don’t want to use it. heh.

But before Shamrock fest, while waiting in the metro, LJ and I had sort of a little tiff.  He’s been accusing me of being mad at me because I’ve been more….reticent, I guess than usual.  But what did he expect?  I can’t really tell him everything.  And I’ve been busy.  And…well, he tried to give me my ticket and not go to Shamrock fest. He said he didn’t want to go if I was mad at him.  I almost cried.  I wasn’t mad at him at all.  And I don’t know why he thought I was.  Maybe he was mad at me and was projecting his anger.  Who the freaking hell knew?  Anyway…it did not make me happy.  But I guess we sorta came to an agreement that I was not mad at him and that we were ok and we should both go and have fun.  I don’t know what to say. 



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