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drugs in your water!

So apparently they found pharmaceuticals (a fancy word for prescription drugs), and hormones in the drinking water of several different states.  And now its making headline news.  I wonder if anyone is really surprised at this.  After all, didn’t some kid, for her high school science project, show that the water from those soda dispensing machines in fast food restaurants contain more bacterial than toilet water??!!

But here’s my favorite part:

• The drinking water for Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas tested positive for six pharmaceuticals.

heh.  I bet that at least one of the six pharmaceuticals found in the Washington D.C area contains some sort anti-anxiety or anti-depression drugs.  How else do you explain the hordes of overly optimistic DCers who dutifully descend on the breaking broken Metro system convinced that whatever role they are playing in the non-profit or governmental organization they are working for will be instrumental in saving the world one day, which is in fact the very reason why they go to work in the first place because we all know that their job doesn’t pay enough for all the crap that they have to deal with on a daily basis.



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One thought on “drugs in your water!

  1. There are a few filters on the market that are certified for the removal of synthetic organic chemicals (SOCs) and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Most prescription and over the counter drugs fall under those categories. Check them out

    I hope you find this information useful. Until there’s some standard set for the removal of prescription and OTC drugs I guess it’s up to us to do it on an individual basis.


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