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day off

I am technically supposed to be at a conference right now.  But I didn’t see anything on the list that I really wanted to go to so I decided to give it a skip.  I’m hoping people will go tomorrow morning though because I think the last couple of talks sound really interesting.

Instead, I decided to give myself a personal day off.  I collected the pants I had sent to be altered (alteration cost more than the pair of pants itself! grrr), toppled a literally un-drunk cup of coffee at BN, had an apple cider at Cosi’s to make up for the lost cup and worked out in the gym for … 15 mins.  Sad.  I know.  My stamina seems to have dropped down fairly drastically.  Starting in March, I think I’m going to start working out at work before coming back home.  I’m still fairly self-conscious when it comes to working out with other people around, and the gym downstairs is fairly small so maybe working out at work might be my best bet.

I’m also going to try to cut down on coffee.  I can hear people laughing and sputtering out their own coffee.  But I am determined to reduce.  Not cut it out completely.  Reduce.  Mainly because coffee is expensive.  Those bottles of frappachinos start to add up after a while.  Deciding to buy them in cases when they are on sale either at Safeway or CVS instead of buying them from the old man in the cafeteria (sorry!) and when I desperately need caffeine, soda will have to do the trick.  Even then, I think I should cut down on that too.  The sugar.  I’ve already put on quite a bit of weight in the past month but am attributing that to healing a broken heart.  Am also going to try to be a bit more focused.  When I’m at work during working hours (aka 9-5), I’m going to concentrate on work.  If I’m at home, I’m taking back my future.  Except I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.  sigh.

That said, I am dreading the move back to Chicago.  Partially its because I have to return to reality.  The other major reason is that I detest moving.  The packing, the heaving, the cost *shudder*.  But move I must.  Which also means I probably should stop buying shoes. Oh but how I love my shoes.  One of these days, I should take a picture of all of my shoes.  They are all so pretty they deserve their own portrait. That aside, I have to stop buying.  But oh!  Things are so much cheaper here! The sales tax is lower.  When you buy a lot of stuff (me!) a sales tax lower by 3% can add up to a lot of savings!  Anyway, I have briefly glanced at my over-flowing closet and I am determined that my purchases in the next few months will only consist of staples.  Yes, I know. Boring.  Hmm…maybe one or two ‘fun’ stuff that can (hope against hope!) be complemented with a suit (interview season anyone?).  And socks.  Maybe socks.  If I am going to have a simple closet, gotta have some fun somewhere.



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