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I’m currently in a research program that is cushy by most standards.  Housing is provided (we actually live on campus, very useful if you happen to work on campus), food is provided about twice a week (most of the time) and at least one of those meals is good (aka catered) food.  We also have access to cheap lunch (as long as we catch the shuttle on time) that is good and cooked by someone who well, can cook.  So there is very very little to complain about.

But ever so occasionally, certain things come up that really really frustrate me.  For example, as part of the program, we are required (to be honest, they don’t need to make it a requirement …I would want to go anyway!) to attend one of the scientific meetings that take place off-campus, in a different (though neighboring state).  Unfortunately, transport is not provided even though they are more than wiling to reimburse us for gas (but we are all required to carpool as much as possible).  Which is great.  Except on those who don’t have a car and are dependent on the ones that do have a car.  The conference starts tonight. I mean, there are no talks scheduled…but its a dinner and a chance to mingle with everyone.  I realize its at least an hour’s drive.  But I wanted to go.  Alas. No car.  And no one wants to go.  *sad face*  And the conference starts tomorrow (breakfast at 7.30am) but despite numerous emails, I still have no idea who is going and when.  I would very much not want to miss breakfast.  Or the first talk.  I really want to listen to the first talk.  But I am dependent on the whims of my colleagues.  Sometimes I really wish they will just provide transport (or not make it mandatory) because if I don’t show up, I feel guilty for missing a mandatory meeting.  At the same time, knowing that the talks are there for us to attend and its about really cool stuff, and not being able to go …it makes me very frustrated indeed.

I also wish people will just email me back.  Sitting here, not knowing if I should get ready to go or not go … it pisses me off!  argh.

In the meantime … I am going to eat some spam (!!)  Don’t judge.  I’m hungry.  And broke.  Cheap food is useful.



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