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hopefully a new beginning

Last night, the Ex/Friend came out with my friends from the program to celebrate the engagement of one of the girls.  It was … better.  At least I wasn’t constantly thinking “gawd, I miss him!” or “why did he give up on us so easily?”  He was actually not feeling 100% but came out anyway because he knew I was thinking about leaving early and did not want me walking home alone (or at least to the metro alone), which I thought was rather sweet.  I’m just not convinced he was entirely comfortable with this group.  But then again, the club was rather noisy (or rather, we were in the basement which was really noisy) and it was hard to talk and chill out and talk with everyone.

But I think, if we are to remain friends and to grow to learn to care for each other as friends, we need this.  Going out as part of a group.  And yes, occassionally alone too if no one joins us because that’s what friends do. But right now…I think we need to hang out as part of a group.  Its hard though. I still feel …upset sometimes.  But I refuse to let myself think too much about it because that will only make me more upset.  I need to get over him. 



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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