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President’s day

I went to the National Portrait Gallery on President’s day. I thought, ok, so I’m not an American citizen. In fact, I just lost someone I really cared about because of that very fact. But America was built by immigrants and as a visitor to this country, I suppose I could honor this day in my own way. Going to Mt. Vernon to Washington’s house was out of the question (no car) so I headed instead to see the President’s portraits. Even before I made it to the gallery, there were a crowd of people around the toilet near the President’s gallery. Good sign I thought. There were so many people going to see the President’s that they all had to go to the bathroom at the same time. But wait! Why are they taking pictures? Is there someone famous here?







There was someone famous. It was Stephen Colbert. Or rather his portrait. I had heard about this from one of the girls. I was amused at the crowd and could not resist taking my own pictures.








and when I saw the guest book, I couldn’t resist and had to take a picture too!

Of course, give me some credit…I did more than just look at Colbert’s picture. I saw other stuff too. I actually walked through the president’s gallery. I went through most of the portrait gallery. Here are a few of my favorite pictures….




(this one wasn’t taken by me. I got it from Andy’s pants in Fred’s photos. I thought his take on this sculpture was much much better than mine–shown below.)



and because I’m going to be desperately late for work…I’ll blog about the frog exhibition later…Instead, I’ll leave you with what is possibly one of my favorite paintings from the portrait gallery. Its entitled “and she too will fade” (i think….but you get the idea of what the painting is trying to convey). Its so beautiful and so sad at the same time.



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