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you know you are living in a dorm when ….

You open the supply closet and you see this:

4 pairs of crutches!  So far, no one has gotten hurt … yet.  At least not to the point of needing crutches.  One of the scholars hurt his shoulder playing football in the fall.  But I don’t believe it needed a cast.  But you can tell….we are prepared for all emergencies!

Going out to U street tonight.  With high heels, strong winds….who knows.  These crutches might come in handy.  *cross fingers*

On another note, I like walking downtown a lot (and no, I have yet to break a leg by walking even though we all know I’m a huge huge klutz).  On the weekends, I like walking down to the B&N to get some starbucks coffee (its cheaper with a BN membership although the quality of the coffee depends on who is making it …) and to read some trashy magazines (which I also occassionally buy because I am such a girl!  Its also feeding my shopping addiction which should stop ASAP!).  This statue stands between the local Hyatt and the post office (which according to my building manager is one of the oldest post office in the US).  Its called “Madonna of the Trails“, and is part of a series of 12 monuments (all 12 monuments look the same) to ‘provide a symbol of the courage and faith of the women whose strength and love aided so greatly in conquering the wilderness and establishing permanent homes’.  Given that I live in the DC metro area where all the monuments celebrate mostly the Fathers of this country (did anyone forget that it was a woman who sewed the flag??), its nice to find a monument celebrating the women.  After all, behind every successful man stands a woman.  In that case, we should revere the Mothers of this country as much as we revere the Fathers of this country.


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