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V-day dinner

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The BF cooked dinner for me last night.  Isn’t that sweet?  Knowing that I am not the biggest fan of greens, he decided filet mignon would be a great choice.  And it was!  Not only that, he managed to find a heart-shaped filet mignon, just for me!  *beam*  Yes.  I know.  Mushy.  Making your skin crawl.  Sorry. But this post is labeled “V-day” post for a reason!
It was a perfect night.  After work-dinner date.  No stress.  Just chilling.  We just hung out…No long wait at some over-priced restaurant, no feeling of being rushed through the meal because the restaurant is overbooked.  We listened to some great Irish music too.  In fact, we might head over to O’shea’s in Baltimore soon to hear that very band, LIVE!  How cool is that??!! 
I am extremely happy right now.  And very content.  Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen in the future (or what I have to do for the future), I am going to just let myself enjoy the moment.  I can worry about the future after this weekend.


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