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75% off a $300 dress is still too expensive

I left work early today because I wanted to a) get a pair of pants altered, and b) get the potluck lunch for the Big Boss birthday celebration tomorrow.

First of all, alterations in the US is wayyy too expensive.  I sucked it up and paid anyway because I love those pants but they are also a tad too long.

Secondly, its cold outside.  And its icy.  So I walked into a local boutique on the way to getting food because it had a big sign saying 75%!!!! off.  But even at 75% off, a sweater still cost about $100.  That’s at least $80 too much.  Too broke to pay that kind of stuff.

And taxes?  sheesh.  I can’t believe how unbelievably complicated tax forms are.  It used to be so easy (mainly because I had no income) but this year….I’m hoping I did it right.  Next year, I think I’m going to suck it up and pay for Turbo-tax.  Or pay to have ‘my people’ behind me.  I just don’t want to get audited *cross fingers* because I never ever kept any of my old tax returns.  Or any of those W-2 forms.




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