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Dunkin Donuts


When I was a young girl, I took piano lessons at the local community centre.  These were government subsidised private lessons.  I still remember the musky smell of the tiny piano room and my piano teacher with her rabbit-like teeth resulting in a slight lisp.

My mom, who is always a stickler for fairness, insisted that both my sister and I had to take lessons.  So while my sister was in the class, I would be with my mom, sitting in Dunkin Donuts.  My mother loves eating donuts.  Me? Not so much.  I think I’ve eaten one donut in maybe the past 3 years.  But we would sit there, every thurs night, for at least an hour.  I would, supposedly, be doing my piano homework or school homework.  But for me, particularly, it was a great time to bond with my mother.  The both of us would people watch and talk. As friends.  She gave me her opinion about the people we were watching. 

Till this day, whenever I see a Dunkin Donuts, I will always remember those times.



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