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CNY 2008 in DC


DC had its annual CNY parade in Chinatown today. I figured that since I was up early, I was going to camp out at the Starbucks in Chinatown. It is located in front of the Friendship Arch and would provide a perfect view in the warmth. After ordering my usual peppermint mocha, I sat there (2 hours early!) to enjoy the view.


Of course, most of the drama occured before the parade. The Obama and Clinton camp were battling it out on the corner of 7th and H. It was really funny. They ignored each other most of the time. I wonder what will happen when the primaries are over. Will the two divided Democratic camps put aside the differences and become a united front? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


Not long after, the parade started. It was awesome! First, the twelve zodiac animals showed up. The snake looked more like an alligator though. And instead of the rat stealing the show (it is his year after all!), it was the rooster that roosted the crowd up!




And naturally, you can’t have an asian parade without the dancing lions or the twisty dragons!






After the parade was over, and the crowd around the window cleared, I found a packet of noise-makers! I was so thrilled, I took it *guilty face* Someone left it behind….yes yes, I know. Not very nice of me. But ….oh well. Those things are so fun though! Remember Big Daddy? At the end of the movie (towards the end…) the guy who was the real father of the kid shows up to see his son for the first time with these noise-makers. I used to play with these all the time when I was a kid. Firecrackers in Singapore were banned and this was the closest we could come to scaring the scary monsters away!


I also got to see the firecrackers being lit up. It was meant to be 5 storeys high but with it being so windy, they had to keep lowering it while the firecrackers were cracking away so that it won’t be a fire hazard.






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