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vacation pics

Yes. I realise that the end of my vacation was last week. BUT, en route to Singapore, I had a 12hr layover in London and I took full advantage of it. Except I was an idiot and forgot to charge my camera and so was unable to take any photos. Good thing the cell phone had like 3 bars left so I took some shots with it. Nothing fantastic. But at least I have some photograhic evidence that I actually roamed around London for a bit after a 10yr hiatus. Anyway, while I’m watching the Superbowl in my room (instead of downstairs with the rest of the kids…I’m kinda tired and probably about to fall asleep), I thought I would share some of the photos with ya’ll.


First is this lady in pink. I was very amused, and very impressed. She is riding a Harley in pink. To be fair, the day I left for Singapore, it was unusually warm.

Other than the National Art gallery, I wandered around Hyde Park and some shopping places (did I mention I’m a shop-aholic??). I went to Selfridge, which as far as I can determine, is one of the oldest department stores in the country. The building looks very similar to Marshall Fields on State street though (oh right, I forget. Its Macys now).


And who can miss Buckingham Palace? oh right. I did. But I did take a picture of the archway leading to the Palace! In my defense, I was standing with all the tourists more than 10 years ago. It simply wasn’t a priority this trip.


Instead, I was more focused on trying to find the John Snow pub named after the father of epidemiology. I really wanted to take a picture outside of the pub. Instead I somehow found myself lost in Chinatown. Sigh. After passing by one too many O’neil’s bar, I decided to give up. But I did find the “Crooked Surgeon” pub and couldn’t resist…


To all the surgeons out there…there is a pub waiting for you to call home.


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