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endorsement for Deal or No Deal

I want to make this clear: I was probably one of the last persons on earth to find out what the heck Deal or no Deal was, and I actually found out what the deal about deal or no deal was from a pregnant woman in labor. I didn’t think it was terribly entertaining. Kind of like authorized gambling on national tv. But, I went back to Singapore and started being really obsessed with that show. Why? Its because of Adrain Pang. And his guests. They are really funny. I think, and know, that Mr. Pang is an extremely talented actor. Trust me, comedy is one of the hardest to pull off in the acting world and he manages to pull it off rather well. But as a host on Deal or no Deal, he’s in his element. The self-deprecating jokes, the little flirting, the OMG-I-Can’t-Believe-this looks. Very very cute…I can see why his wife fell in love with him 🙂 And the show, in my opinion, is a success because of him. I really don’t think the briefcase girls are that good looking (although you have to admit, they probably have the easiest, most fun after-school part-time jobs in the world!) but Mr. Pang makes the show. I came back and watched the American version and got bored really quickly. The host just wasn’t as funny or engaging. WHERE IS ADRAIN PANG when you need him??!!



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