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So you would think that after my rather ambitiously planned jaunt around London during a 12hr layover, and the fact that I’ve been back in the Homeland for a couple of days, I would have some interesting things to blog about.  To be honest, I do!  But right now, I want to blog about my hair!  I got my haircut earlier this evening by my usual hairstylist who I love love love simply because he is so much fun to talk to and well, he’s oh so good and oh so cheap!  But today, he cut my hair super short!  I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet.  My mom thinks it looks cute, Joe tells me it will look better in 2 mths since I had told him that I want my next haircut to be only in 6mths time so this style had better grow out nicely so right now, apparently, it looks nice, but will look better in 2 mths.  I wonder if this is the price I pay for being a cheapskate and trying to skip out on less haircuts?  Not that it looks disastrous.  It just is very very short.  And I can’t quite determine if its a pixie haircut or if its still a bob.  I wonder if the BF will like it.  I hope he does although he did veto the idea of a pixie before I left.  And the worse part is, I PUT ON WEIGHT, so now my face is round.  As we all know, round face+ short hair is not a very good combination.  And yes, I realise I am very vain. so sue me.  argh.

will blog about my rather pathetically geeky (and totally failed) attempt at finding John Snow at a later date.   Suffering from caffeine withdrawal.  And this bleedin’ cough refuses to go away so I can’t even go visit a friend who had a baby (boy!) about a month ago.  Misery.  Total abject misery.



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