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Clean House

I’m not sure if anyone knows this…but I love, no I am addicted to the show “Clean House”.  Its basically about a bunch of designers/organizers who find really cluttered, unorganized houses and basically ‘clean house’.  The best part?  They make people give up their stuff and sell it off in a garage sale.  Anything not sold or salvaged is given to a charity.  The house/parts of the house is then re-designed/organized into something completely different.  Talk about having a renovation using what you have.

But why do I love this show so much? Its mainly because it shows you just how attached people are to their stuff and how much of a release it can be when you actually let go.  My only complaint is that I think those people should be involved in the re-do of their house.  Yes, I realise a half hour show can only handle so much drama (and there is PLENTY of drama when they have to let go of their prized posessions), but I think it would have been a good lesson.

Right now, I can definitely use the Clean House team in my tiny little room.  Its a disgusting mess.



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One thought on “Clean House

  1. Hi. I’m still enjoying your blog (hope you don’t mind a stranger visiting). I like this show for the same reason (although I don’t watch it often). The ‘attachment to things’ theme is why I also like TLC’s ‘what not to wear’. I love that EVERY SINGLE person on that show has the exact same reason for having become attached to their (horrible, ugly, tattered) old clothes. “But it’s comfortable!” they all say. Which is such a dumb excuse when you think about it–my nice clothes are just as comfortable as my ugly clothes (with the exception of certain nice pairs of shoes). I just FEEL better (comfortable?) wearing ugly stuff (like a security blanket?) which theoretically doesn’t draw attention to me. The irony is -that people probably notice the ugly stuff more than they notice the nice stuff, and not in a good way! I should ‘clean house’ and include my closet.



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