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The Coach phenomenon

Prior to this year, whenever someone mentions “Coach”, I think economy, tight spaces, the Amtrak.  But one of my mom’s friends asked me to get her some handbags for her from Coach to bring back home.  Apparently she went to Japan to get them but could not find them.  And so for the very first time in my life, I went to a store that only sells handbags, and pricey ones at that.  After having spent more than $1000 dollars on credit (I hope she pays me back FAST!).  And last night, a junior college friend from home asked me over IM if I could please help him get a bag for his girlfriend.  This boy has never ever asked me a favor before so I said, yeah sure.  And so tonight, I will go to Macys downtown (if I remember correctly, this particular CC cycle won’t end till next month!).  After all, my luggage on my way back home are generally empty anyway.  I still, however, don’t understand the need to pay more than $20 for a handbag.  So I own them? Yes.  But they are all hand-me-downs from another very kind friend.  In case you are wondering, I have a tiny handbag with CD all over it and two Juicy Couture handbags (the blue one is a little damaged comsmetically speaking but still functional and so very blue…) But I really wish someone can explain it to me one day.

Anyway, so this recent spate of Coach-spree has pretty much forced the Coach bags into my realm of consciousness. Apparently one of the girls who lives with me owns one.  But I never noticed it.  I thought it was just a bag.  With a C that looks like a G from a distance(I thought it was a Guess bag but she assures me its an authentic Coach bag given to her by a kind sympathetic aunt).

Today, while at Starbucks, I noticed a lady with a Coach tote.  Except I think she must have turned her tote inside-out.  Maybe its a new fashion trend? Or perhaps Coach makes a reversible bag that I don’t know about.  Either way, it looked pretty cool.  Less obnoxious (only a thin band with the infamous C instead of the C all over the bag).  I wish I took a picture!



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2 thoughts on “The Coach phenomenon

  1. Are Coach bags generally cheaper over in the US? Just curious, given your entry.

    I ask my intern to get me a wallet when she was over there, as I was given one for my 21st from a nice aunt and it has since become all tattered and torn. So I am getting it replaced for sentimental reasons.

    But yeah, I agree with you about the bag bit, I keep thinking in my mind about how many trips I can take overseas for the cost of that bag.

    I bought a GAP bag at a sale for S$40 recently and I was already feeling really guilty about it.


  2. according to Justin, yes. its cheaper. Now I”m so tempted to go get one myself! except the cheapest (and practical version) is about US$180!


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