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how NOT to bring up your children….

So, when Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy news came out, one of the stories on was about the inevitable delay of the book by Britney Spear’s mom on parenting.  You think?  Apparently her book was about her personal story of bringing up high profile kids from a low profile community.  I wonder if they had planned on marketing the book as how not to bring up your kids.  Yes, I realise I’m being super-judgemental and that I have been lucky not to have had my mistakes being under the glaring microscope of today’s media.  But seriously.  Her eldest is a super-star of so-so talent (I still think that there is a distinction between being a star and actually having talent) with a seriously troubled history of being a home-wreaker, bad mom, etc etc etc and her youngest is now going to be a teen mom.  Has anyone caught on that she is 16, technically, underaged?? 

AND, if you ask me, I think this is doubly sad because no-one makes as much fuss or is as upset about the teenage moms I see when I was on OB (unless if something goes horribly wrong and we have to perform a hysterectomy on a 14 yr old).  Worse, I wonder if teenagers will start using this as an excuse when the same fate befalls them?  This, people, is why I don’t want to have sex until I’m married.  Yes, I realise that with proper precaution, an unwanted pregnancy is *quite* rare.  And I’m not saying abstinance is the only way to go…but for me…that is my preferred method of birth control.  But if I ever decide to have extra-marital sex….I hope I’m more prepared to deal with the consequences then these 16-yr olds.



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