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Going Coach

Today, history was made.  Today, I bought (I really want to say BOUGHT!!!!!!!) not one, but THREE Coach bags.  Two wristlets, and one handbag.  The wristlets were bought from Macys (it was sold out at the Coach store) and the handbag was bought from the Coach store itself.  Geez.  It was so much more fun buying it from the Coach store.  They were so much nicer to you.  And you walk out with a Coach paperbag (yes, I know I’m killing the environment but seriously much more eco-friendly than a macys plastic bag).  And it comes with a box and bow!!!  I have never, never paid so much for accessories before (even my genuine 24k gold necklace didn’t cost that much).  And no, I haven’t gone crazy nor did I strike lotto.  One of my mom’s friends went to Japan and didn’t manage to get the bags so she wanted me to get it for her here and bring them back for her.  I probably should have just ordered it online.  But I wanted to experience the thrill of buying something so expensive for once in my life (probably will never be able to do it again) and it sure was fun.  Kinda wish there was someone else with me to share in the experience.

Anyway, the scary thing is that when I was in the store, a girl (probably about 12) was there with her mom.  And she was like, I don’t like this (she was looking at the bag I was buying), its too tacky.  And her mom was like, no, its very classy.  Erm, she’s 12??!!!! dang. This place is way too rich for my good.



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