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post-holiday party

ok. So I went to my first adult holiday party yesterday.  It actually wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.  Yes, I felt like I had to be on my best behavior since this was my first time meeting his friends, and it turns out they are all married with children.  I didn’t know what sort of topics I could go into…I mean, with our mutual friends, our politics are pretty much all written on our faces and I could express what I felt without any repercussions.  But these are his friends from work and I really didn’t know what I could say or could not say.  Not to mention a lot of what I know really barely scratches the surface since, well, let’s face it. I don’t really keep up with the politics.  I’m a med student for goodness sakes.  Half the time I can’t even keep up with my own work!

Anyway, it really wasn’t too bad.  Other than the fact that this was a more adult setting, it really wasn’t too different from any other party I’ve been to.  No dancing, no massive display of drunkeness.  And at least I was appropriately dressed.  It seems that being a little conservative (with some room for creativity) is the way to go.  There were definitely people who wore skirts that looked like they had raided their daughter’s closets (or their little sister’s).  All in all, it was rather pleasant.



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