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Clothes swapping party

Ever heard of a clothes swapping party?  I think its a girl’s thing.  An excuse for a girl’s night in without Sex and the City.  Some good wine, cheese and crackers and lots and lots of clothes.  I went to one last night at a friend’s place.  She and her very lovely adorable boyfriend are taking off (again!) for yet another extended trip–this time to China, Mongolia and across Serbia.  Despite being very non-religious, I will probably start praying everyday.  I admire their courage and tenacity, but being the mama that I am, I cannot help but worry.  Anyway, the long and short of it is that I went to a clothes swapping party last night.  I think boys can’t have one because they simply don’t have enough clothes to have a party like that. 

 Anyway, its been a stressful week at work.  The abstract submission is today and I am no where being done.  In fact, I should be working on it right now but I need a break or my brain will pop, and where will that leave my half completed but over-the-character-limit abstract?  No where, that’s where.

Anyway, back to the clothes swapping thing. It was fun.  I met other people that I may or may not have met before.  And we looked through the clothes.  Helped save the environment by recycling each other’s clothes.  I walked in with two bags fully intending to reduce my closet size….but walked out with the same two bags filled with other people’s stuff (gorgeous gorgeous pair of black ribbon-laced boots!).  AND, I bought a squishable.  A what?  A squishable.  They are the most adorable, soft, squishy stuffed toys EVER.  And because everyone in my lab knows that I am shy and hate presenting and if given the chance would probably hide under the table, I got one of the cutest, shyest (is there even such a word) squishable ever!  So say Hi! to my Squishable Giraffee, who apparently likes to hide behind bookshelves!

  I’m not sure what to name him yet.  He looks very clever (but shy!) so he’s going to need a clever name.  Suggestions?



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