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taking off for the weekend

I simply left.  Packed a change of clothes in my backpack and left.  For Boston.

 Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? No plans.  A simple impulse to leave.  The truth is I had bought the tickets almost two months ago but the time leading to it had been so filled with activities, I did very little planning except maybe book a bed (yes! not a room but a bed!) in the International Hostel in Boston.  And then I emailed/SMSed/called the people I know in Boston.  And then I showed up.  Encountered Hurricane Noel. But I also got to see my friends.  Even walked down Newbury St (at first I thought it was a tiny st but when the tiny walk became almost a trek, I realised this was Boston’s Magnificent Mile).  I tried the Freedom trail and Boston Common but somehow never finished it.  Found out that Paul Revere was quite short and had 16 children.  And Sam Adams isn’t just a beer…he’s an actual historical figure.  Shelved aside for my next trip there.  I did go to Cambridge and wandered around the squares belonging to the three Universities: Tufts, Harvard (the University that shall not be named) and MIT (which Harvard tried to buy several times over the past few decades).  Three very distinct personalities.

I also learnt that I can rough it out..for one night.  More than one night of staying in a room with 5 other girls, sharing a tiny bathroom/shower facility is definitely not my thing. Perhaps when I was younger…and a little more adventurous.  But I think I’ve grown too old…too set in my ways and wayyy too pampered.  But for one night, I can suck it up.

I also learnt that old habits die hard.  Let’s leave it at that.

 And now I am back.  Just found out that I have to do journal club next week. And I have homework/discussion for my class due Wed.  Busy.  Very busy.  Need to remember to breathe.




I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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