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ebay addiction

ARGH!  Is there a 12-step program for ebay addiction?  Argh.  I really do have a pension for addictions.  First it was shopping, then alcohol (well, I don’t think I ever reached addiction status….but I have been drinking quite a bit recently), now its ebay!  Its ridiculous what you can find on ebay.  I started out only looking for a cute pair of boots.   Then it graduated onto a new digital camera (my old one is acting finicky), now I’ve bought at least 4 dresses off ebay (despite the fact that the RussianPrincess just cleaned out her closet and sent me 55lbs worth of clothes and jewelry!) and I’m still looking for more.  Argh.  To be honest, I’m not that impressed with what they are selling (well, except for that lovely London Fog trenchcoat I just bought and that really cute 60’s dress) but…its the thrill of winning a bid.  Sometimes I bid even though I don’t really want that item just to watch the price go up (I know, I’m evil)….sigh. Its an addiction.  I need help. Where’s a 12-step program when you need it?



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2 thoughts on “ebay addiction

  1. I am happy to report that, yes, there is a cure for eBay addiction: go to Starbucks more often. While there, you get a beverage and sit down for a relaxing break. Eventually you tire of this and pull out your computer to do some perusing. Unfortunately you find that the wireless internet at Starbucks is not free, and by this time you’re out of your first beverage, so you get a refill. While standing in line, you realize you reaaaalllly need to check your email, so you ponder paying $9.99(!) for a day pass. You notice that the pricing for internet plans is much more attractive when purchased in month-to-month or yearly quantities, and by now you’re sure you must have like 250 emails waiting to be read, so you go for the yearly. You hate yourself, but you have internet. You’re about to open up the emails, but you’re out of coffee. Refill time. Then, you read emails for an hour. Then, you check some other sites. Then, you ponder going on eBay, but you convince yourself not to. Another refill. More sites. More refills. More emails. Refills. Sites. Refills. Hours go by, and people wonder where you are.

    Fuck. At least you didn’t go on eBay.


  2. ahh…but you see, the reason why I started going on Ebay was because I couldn’t afford to keep going to Starbucks. damm these american icons of modern day life.


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