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dismal writing skills

Growing up in a developing country where the emphasis in education was on creating a future productive workforce, reading and writing skills were seen as ends to the means of having a literate population.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever learnt how to really write or read for that matter.  And the worst part of it is I went to Catholic school where there was a strong emphasis on reading English literature, particularly the classics.  But I don’t think I really ever learnt how to write with thought.  Sure, creative writing was probably a larger part of my life compared to most of my countrypersons, but I fear I lack the essential skills to write in a critical manner.

Although I headed North to continue my education, my choice of University, despite its claims of having the no. 2, if not no. 1 program in writing seminars did nothing to improve my critical writing skills.  With the threat of failing out of school, and hence disappointing my parents, I stuck to what I knew I was semi-good at: Science despite an inclination to try something new.  Not that I regret it. I had a great college experience: fell in love, fell out of love, did research, organized stuff, had great and horrid roommates.  I grew up in college.  I semi-figured out what I wanted to do with my life.  I also discovered that you don’t need to know absolutely how you want to live your life.  It is ok to only have a half-baked plan.  You never know what life will throw at you and you are probably better off having the flexibility to allow your life-plans to change.

I took as many creative writing classes as I could (hence, once again, sticking to what I know best), took only two english classes.  Those were probably the hardest classes I had ever taken.  I really regret not having had the guts to keep challanging myself.  Being a chicken is kicking my arse right now.  As a scientist who can’t write, I struggle everyday to defend my ideas and my work.  And I’m still learning how to go about doing research.  sigh.



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