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part of The Organization

Want to know when you are truly part of The Organization?  When they finally decide to give you access to your very own personal “h-drive” and they put your name on the mailbox.  Its like a stamp of approval, that you have jumped through most of the hoops (you can never jump through all of the hoops because there will always be more hoops to jump) that you are supposed to jump through and that they are satisfied that you are eligible to stay.  And least I forget, someone comes to take your pic for The Organization’s quarterly newsletter (guess who had to have a pic taken??!!)

Remember ComputerCrush? Saw him today. He was wearing a nice brown shirt, pinstripe.  *swoon* But I was so embarassed from the other day I didn’t dare to flirt with him.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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