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being a kay-poh

When I was growing up, everytime I tried to poke my nose where it did not belong, my mother will chide me in the most reproving manner possible and called me a kaypoh, also commonly referred to as being a busybody.  Except of course I mean no harm with my busybody-ness. I just want to help! 

In the past month or so, I’ve been trying to set up WhiteShoes up with a girl in my program only for it to backfire in my face. And when I learnt that nosugrefneb and petersdigest got engaged, I got super-excited.  I even suggested she engage a wedding planner because in my (ahem! unsolicited) opinion, they do help take a lot of the stress away!

But then, what do I know.  I started to look through old copies of magazines thinking that surely somewhere in there the bridal magazines I had bought over the years will still be there.  Alas! I threw them all away when I left WindyCity.  And in case you are wondering why I have bridal magazines, I started sort of buying them randomly when I thought Mike and I really were headed down the alter.  And then again when I thought we were heading towards a reconciliation.  I think the third stage of my life when I started to look through them was when I was planning the formal with SanDiegoGal.  I think I threw them all out because I had given up hope or any desire whatsoever to find someone to spend my life with.  Seems to be the current trend.  Which is why I guess it was so hard living in WindyCity.  It seems like everyone was with someone else and if you didn’t have someone else you were looking for that someone else.  Not sure if it was an age-specific thing or if it was a region thing, but the pressure here doesn’t seem to be as great despite the number of married people in TheDorm.  OR maybe its because I’ve come to terms with it.


OH well. No clue what the point of this was. I’m just bored I guess. Can’t wait to see UltramanHK tonight for dinner 🙂




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