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partying it away

It was my birthday over the weekend and I was going to blog pre-birthday about how pleased I am that I have lived to see yet another year and blog post-party about how ridiculously drunk I had gotten. Unfortunately, dinner at Hooters followed by a movie and ice-cream later, I was exhausted.

We had a party at The Dorm on Saturday night. Sort of an around the world on one floor kind of deal. I served JD and Coke seeing that it is a known fact the poor man was born in the month of Sept but no one knows exactly when since the courthouse that housed those records burnt down way back in history. Lots of EtOH, drunken revelery, drunken talk later, it was past midnight and I hit my late 20s.

Late morning (we didn’t actually break up the party till early morning), I was on the metro and the rush of the trains into the station gave me the worst post-drinking headache ever. I headed on to Chinatown for some la mien because according to my mother, I need to eat noodles that are long so that I will have a long life, and two eggs for fertility. hmph. Then I headed over to one of the village festivals that the Capital is so famous for to meet up with some dorm-mates. After hookah (yes, I realize I’m probably going to have lung/esophagus/tongue cancer), headed back to The Dorm to meet up with yet more dorm-mates for Hooters.

Apparently, its supposed to be quite strange for a female (that’s what I am) to request to have her birthday at Hooters. Apparently, Hooters is a boy’s domain. Blah-humbug. Whatever *rolls eyes* I saw a ‘road sign’ that said “Bumps” with a not-so-subtle picture of uneven boobs that I kinda really want to own (pack rat in me is yelling away like crazy). Had to do the chicken dance courtesy of Mr. International Man of Mystery. Had beer and wings. I was satisfied.

All in all, it was a fairly good birthday. I may no longer be at an age where I can have a huge huge party, eat like a pig and have clowns/magicians showing up to scare the pants off my friends, but at least now I can drink. And have wings. And go to politically incorrect places. Not too bad.



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