another haircut

I went for another haircut yesterday.  I figured that my hair was already short.  The hairstylist can’t possibly mess it up.  So I went to a hairstylist at hair cuttery.  Seriously, footing a US$60 bill for someone at Aveda or any of those hair salons in yuppie town was not something I was willing to do.  I’m this close to regretting it because I feel that this new hair cut may have undone all the wonders that StyleGod may have done for me.  sigh.  Its a lot shorter than I would have liked it to be.  And even though I had requested for it to remain the same style that the StyleGod had made for me, it just doesn’t.  Then I thought I would dye it auburn red.  Most times when I dye my hair, it comes out looking like I had it highlighted.  I guess I forgot I have a lot less hair now so the same amount of dye ended up doing what home-dyes are supposed to do…dye the whole crop.  grrr…..I hope the hair grow out soon.


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