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Last day….

Chinese funerals last 100 days.  Did you know that? I never knew.  I thought when the wake was over, that was it.  And even then, the wake can last as long as 7 days!  I knew we had to wear mourning clothes and stuff during the 100 days.  I just didn’t know it was part of the funeral.  All the other ceremonies on the 35th, 49th and 100th day, I thought that was just part of the mourning process. 

 But today marks the 100th day that my grandmother has died.  It seems so final.  She had been married to my grandfather since she was 18.  She was in her late 80s when she died.  He died about 4 years ago.  That’s a damm long time to be married to someone.  Of course, for about 15 years of that marriage, he was with his second wife (polygamy was legal back then…) but he stayed with her for the majority of the time.  They had 9 children.

How do you sum up someone’s life in a sentence?  On her tablet where her ashes lie, it has her name, her birth-date and death-date as well as her husband’s name.  That’s it.  You can live your life how you want.  But when you die, that’s all you have to sum up your entire existance.


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