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random distractions

I was having my usual tall peppermint soy mocha at Starbucks today killing some time before going to the grocery store for some food when I decided to read the newspapers in the read-and-abandoned rack.  I saw a column in the Washington post called “Date Lab“.  Who knew the Washington Post would decide to play matchmaker?  Anyway, in the update part of it, the girl said “Things are giong well…We’re really just taking it slowly” while the guy said “There’s nothing romantic, but its a nice friendship.”  *ouch*

In other news, looking into a part-time program for getting another Master’s degree.  I figured if I’m going to take a year off, I should have something to show for it.  And a MPH is something I have been thinking of doing for a while anyway.  But its just going to be so expensive if I do it part-time. Grrr…there will be no scholarships available but then again, the cost will be spread out over three years, so that should be … less painful I guess.  sigh.



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