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no chance to say goodbye…

I can’t believe this. I went to have my prawn mee noodle and mom decided to park the car on Martia road where KC primary is supposed to be sitting. Yes, you read it right. supposed to be sitting. IT IS NO LONGER THERE! I can’t believe this. They tore the WHOLE building down. No more rooftop chapel, no more darkly-lit basement classrooms originally meant for a kindergarten that never bore fruit. And you know what is worse? The well. The wishing well is gone. The well with the ghost story of the drowned nun. The well that survived WWII was no spared the bulldozer. Don’t get me wrong. The building wasn’t the best planned in the world. The top floor where I had to have class in Pri 6 was always flooded when it rained. The traffic near the school was terrible. I believe there was at least one fatal accident. But it was my school. Of all the things about the school, I really do think they could at least have saved the well. sigh. me sad. very very sad.



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