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st. james powerhouse party

So erm, guess who went out last night for some partyin’? yep. me. I finally made my way to the infamous st. james powerhouse for the equally infamous maxim hot babes bash courtesy of a very well-connected friend (not going to link her blog just in case).

anyway, it was fun…i guess. i’ve just never seen so many men in a place before to oggle at woman. well, i have. at a stripclub in vegas. but that was a stripclub.  This was supposed to be a club. where people of both sexes could have drinks and dance. granted, i probably wasn’t exactly a model club-ber either.  i pretty much stuck to my friend like glue, and did not make any eye contact with strangers (no good looking guys!).  Even the poor guys who allowed us to share their table were sweet enough to toast us on their way out.  I suppose we (meaning I) could have been friendlier but i was a *little* creeped out by all the oggling men and was getting somewhat disgusted with the crowd. and whoever thinks they can have a bad hairstyle and get away with it because the latest male pop idol spots it in a korean drama needs to hire a new stylist.

at least there were free drinks. heh.



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