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don’t shit where you eat…

That was the advice my mother gave me when she found out I was dating in college.  She meant that it was stupid to date someone at your work place.  Except of course, it was probably safer dating guys within the safety confines of my college.  I tried to follow the rule by not dating guys I worked with.

Naturally, like all children, I never really listened to my mother’s advice even though it was one that was based on fairly sound reasoning. With the exception of two boys, all of my boyfriends have either been people I was actively working with or people I was taking a class with.

The question, I suppose, is when you have a lifestyle like mine–homeless international student with no immediate family close by, very few close friends, working all the time…when and where do you meet, let alone date someone outside of your working circle?  I tried, very very hard when I came to med school not to date anyone within my class.  Thus far I have succeeded.  I didn’t succeed in staying away from boys outside of my class (but still within the same school).  Bad bad idea. And then I dated someone who worked in the hospital. No. It wasn’t one of the residents.  Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it. Yes, I realise it raises some eyebrows.  But honestly, I think that as long as people are a)open and honest about it b) weren’t dating the residents for a grade or while they were on that particular rotation (seriously, the number of people I know who dated TAs in college while taking the class raised quite a huge hullabaloo), I really don’t think that its a big deal.  Because, like I said, where else are you going to meet someone who is going to understand the crazy hours that we (meaning medical students) keep?

But like I said, if you are post-college…where do you meet someone? At a bar? That would actually mean I have to like going to a bar.  At an extra-curricular class? No time.  Even when I’m volunteering, I volunteer at a place where there are only women.

Maybe Ishould join one of those reality dating shows. hahahahahahahahahaha.



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