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I have a family history of addictions.  Gambling literally brought the family to their current impoverished state. Lots of alcoholics too. And I’m sure if the words “sex addicts” existed in the early 1900s, my grandfathers would probably qualify especially if you know the number of wives they each remained married to at the same time (they were lucky polygamy was still legal then…)

Me? I believe the addiction gene was passed down to me. Kinda hard not to especially if you consider that addictions were and still are a huge part of both sides of the family.  But since I don’t have the patience to learn the rules of card games, I’ve been spared (so far) the gambling addiction. I get drunk really easily and quite frankly am too cheap and vain to spend much money on empty calories so I’ve been spared the addiction to the bottle as well (so far…)

I have the worst addiction of all: love. For some stupid reason, I tend to allow myself to get attached very easily.  You would think that as I grow older, I will grow wiser too.  Nope. In fact, it seems that I may have grown even sillier.  Granted, my tastes in men have changed. Despite having been disappointed so many times, I still allow myself to get attached very quickly, and hence hurt very easily as well.  I don’t understand why I allow my heart to rule my head.  Its a very stupid move.  I really do think that I ought to stay away from boys from now on.  They really do bring nothing but trouble.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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