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He’s leaving.

After taking my final shelf exams for the year, I proceeded to begin on a path of self-indulgence by first going shopping with SanDiegoGal and VermontGal followed by copious amounts of celebrating with the rest of my class at FamilyGuy’s very swanky pad downtown.

And after that, well, it was packing packing packing. And I haven’t seen SingleDad since.  It makes me sad because the last time I saw him was right before my shelf exam, which I’m really afraid I might have failed because CardsGal casually mentioned a few questions on the exam which we had apparently gone through during our Study Day and that I don’t even recall seeing, much less answering on the exam.

Anyway, the last ‘date’ I had with him was quite… disappointing. This time round, I wasn’t drunk. We went out for dinner and then to my place…and well…let’s just say the prudish part of my personality over-rode whatever desires I had. I’m quite convinced I’m probably going to die alone.

Anyway, SingleDad just quit his job.  Apparently he can’t take it anymore.  I was quite taken aback. I confess, I really was hoping (against hope) that maybe, just maybe, we could continue where we left off after I came back.  But I guess this really means that the last time I see him, really will be the last time I see him, if at all.



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