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Body odor in the gym…

Ok. So I realise that when you are at the gym, certain things like sweat-drenched t-shirts, wide-open gaping mouths, steroid-pumped bodies are to be expected.  And yes, I suppose bad body smells as well.  But body odor before working out….yew.

I was working out at the gym today and planning a full 30min on the eliptical machine (hey! for someone who hasn’t worked out since high sch, 30 mins is quite an achievement…) but 15 mins into my ‘intense’ workout with CNN on the TV screen, this guy comes and uses the machine next to me.  He clearly is starting a workout because a) t-shirt is dry, b) he looks like he just woke up but OMG. The odor. It was SOOOO strong I had to start breathing in through my mouth. And then I started to wonder…if he smells so bad now, how bad will he smell after he works out.

I left.

I know I’m a mean superficial biatch but seriously….my olfactory senses needed some saving.

Hmmm…since BV can cause vaginal odor… I wonder if guys have the equivalent problem?  I think its a good thing I didn’t do urology. hahahaha.



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