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Bye bye 3rd year

Finished my final shelf exam a couple of hours ago.   In a couple of weeks, I’ll find out if I failed that damm exam. If I did, I guess I’m still a MS3. But if I didn’t, then well, hello MS4.

After getting some chow from the Chiefs, went to settle my bill with the hospital.  All I can say is it was a waste of $250.  Now I understand why my patients get disgruntled with having to wait to see their doctors. You wait for 2 hrs, you see the dermatologist for a total of 5 mins, they declare that there’s nothing wrong with you and then bill you for $500.  I wonder if I’ll get my money back if I see someone else and they find something wrong with me.  I understand that this is a tertiary institution.  But I really didn’t have much of a choice in getting an insurance policy other than that offered by the school. And I really didn’t have a choice but to go to student care. And when you need to see a specialist, student care only refers you to the dermatologist within the institution.  Like I said, I wonder if I can get my money back. And I wonder how hospitals are going to react to this article on quality and cost of health care.

I thought that this entry on comparing the GDP of the different states that make up the US compared to the GDP of countries in the world was really interesting. Just a little surprised to find the GDP for Singapore was similar to South Carolina. 



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